Letter of Intent


Through April 15, 2022

United Way of Ashtabula County (UWAC) is opening its’ doors to the potential of additional partner charities, specifically to continue addressing priorities within its’ education pillar.

United Way of Ashtabula County serves as a responsible steward of donated resources to impact the critical needs of our community in the pillar areas of health, education and financial stability. Currently, UWAC represents 18 partner charities and 40 outreach programs throughout Ashtabula County with efforts in advocacy, awareness and fundraising.

Now through April 15, 2022, UWAC is accepting Letter of Intent applications to become an UWAC partner charity providing programming within the education pillar. The UWAC Education Pillar supports programs that engage community members of all ages in quality educational opportunities, both inside and outside of a traditional classroom. Current areas of priority for UWAC include: Primary, secondary and collegiate readiness; strengthening literacy skills; acquiring life skills; training and continuous learning in the workforce.

Letter of Intent applications are due by April 15, 2022 at 12:00pm and are available now at
https://agency.e-cimpact.com/login.aspx?org=37025U. For questions or additional information before submitting a Letter of Intent, please contact UWAC Executive Director Kristen Kitchen at kristen.kitchen@unitedwayashtabula.org or by calling 440-998-4141.

Application Process
1. Submission of Letter of Intent
2. Notification of Letter of Intent Determination
3. Request for Proposal (if invited)
4. Partner Charity Status (if invited)

Step 1: Submission of Letter of Intent
The application for funding process begins with the Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI is a preparation and screening tool for the UWAC Community Investment Committee and UWAC Board of Trustees. In addition to an organizational overview, the LOI is designed to introduce an organization’s program request and convey how the program aligns with UWAC Impact Pillars and Current Areas of Priority. Letter of Intent submission is not a guarantee to be invited to submit a full application for review and it is not a guarantee for grant funding.

The opportunity to submit a LOI is open to organizations which have an IRS determination letter of tax exemption as a publicly supported organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Programs must serve Ashtabula County residents. Please note that applications from religious organizations for religious purposes or from lobbying organizations are prohibited. Letter of Intent applications are due by April 15, 2022 at 12:00pm and are available now at https://agency.e-cimpact.com/login.aspx?org=37025U. Letters of Intent will be evaluated by the UWAC Community Investment Committee.  Programs invited to continue in the application process will be notified and encouraged to submit a full Request for Proposal.

Step 2: Notification of Letter of Intent Determination
All organizations which submit a Letter of Intent will receive notification as to the status of their application, whether politely declined or cordially invited to submit a full proposal.

Step 3: Request for Proposal
The Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by invitation to organizations that proceed in the LOI process. The RFP will be utilized by UWAC, its community volunteer reviewers, and the UWAC Board of Trustees to determine if the invited organization will become an UWAC Partner Charity in 2022 (for potential funding in 2023). The RFP application will provide the invited organization the opportunity to spotlight a specific program request, target populations & demographics, collaborative partners, funding sources, outcomes/impact, program financials, and how their program specifically addresses the UWAC Education Pillar and Current Area of Priority. If additional clarification is needed, applicants may be asked to provide a brief presentation or site visit for reviewers.

Step 4: Partner Charity Status
Partner Charity Status is issued by invitation to organizations that submit a successful Request for Proposal. New partners will join a dedicated group of 18 fellow partner charities and over 40 outreach programs currently receiving support from United Way of Ashtabula County.

In becoming an UWAC Partner Charity in 2022, organizations will be part of UWAC’s advocacy, education and fundraising efforts for the LIVE UNITED Campaign 2022-2023, launching in August 2022. Partner Charities then have the opportunity to apply for funding in spring 2023 for distribution beginning in July 2023.