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Leadership Giving

Philanthropy.   It is a very personal matter.  Most of us would prefer our acts of generosity to remain private.  Yet leadership is not a private act. It requires public affirmation in work and action of what we value.  The following individuals provide leadership through their generous contributions and they motivate others by their example. Those who are listed below demonstrate a strong commitment to this county and all of its residents and they provide United Way with the means to close the gap between community needs and the services available to meet those needs.  The United Way would like to thank all Leadership Donors, including those who wish to remain anonymous.

Leadership Donors 2017-2018

Gifts from individuals of $1000 or greater



Gifts from individuals of $500 to $999



Emerging Leaders
Gifts of $250 or greater from donors who are age 40 or younger


 Ambassador Donors wish to be anonymous.

The list is updated throughout the campaign year.  While every effort has been made to insure accuracy, we sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions.  Please be aware that reporting delays from employers can affect the timely listing of donors.  Please contact us at 440.998.4141 with any corrections or questions.


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