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Ambassador Society

Philanthropy.   It is a very personal matter.  Most of us would prefer our acts of generosity to remain private.  Yet leadership is not a private act. It requires public affirmation in work and action of what we value.  Members of the Ambassador Society of Ashtabula County provide leadership through their generous contributions and they motivate others by their example. Ambassador Society members demonstrate a strong commitment to this county and all of its residents and they provide United Way with the means to close the gap between community needs and the services available to meet those needs.  The United Way would like to thank all Ambassador Society members, including those who wish to remain anonymous.

Ambassador Society Members 2016-2017

Gifts from individuals of $1000 or greater

Glendon Burnham
Martin Cole
Edward Condo

Hal & Connie Cooper
Jeff Gates
James Gerber
Edward Green, Jr.
Martha & Bruce Gresham
Donnie & Nina Griffith
Fred & Dawn Grimm
Janet Grout
James Hanna
Kevin Harriger
Stacey Henry
Eleanor Jammal
Nick Jammal & Lisa DeCato
Gloria Kaull

Marty & Carmen Kuula
Thomas Major
Cynthia Miklacic

David Miller
Joe & Carol Misinec
Kari Montgomery
Marybeth Nassief
Steve & Linda Nichols
Don & Marcia Palm
Vincent Sodd, Jr.
Susan Stocker
Scott Strayer
Alexander Taich
Doug & Mary Lou Towner
Dustin Volanski
Mike Webber
Catherine Westcott
William & Anne Wiley

Gifts from individuals of $500 to $999

Katherine Amey
Bill & Yvonne Anderson
Mark Astorino

Ruth Ann & Ken Ayers
George Baker
Bradley Best
Bill Billington
Phillip Bish
Bob Boggs & Judie Sylak

Aaron Bovee
Jason Brand
Tyler Brenkus

Elizabeth Campbell
Keith Carter
Steve Cervas
Donald Chaplin
Jame Chillcott
Jefffrey Cicon
Rick & Linda Coblitz
Craig Cumberworth
Charles Daughters
George & Dale Distel
Jeff & Amanda Dolan
Bert & Carol Drennen
Robert Ebersole
Josh Edgell
Daniel Edixon
Cathy Ernes
Joe & Ida Ferrari
Martin & Linda Fox
Sandy Freeman
Robert Friscic
Karen Fronczak
Darrleen Gale
Jerry & Martha Gillespie

Mark Gosline
Colton HInkle
Mary Ellen Higley
Colton Hinkle
Nancy Holodnak
Kip Howard
Greg Hrwatzki
Barry Humes
Nick & Lisa Iarocci
Victor Ihama
Randy Johnson
David Kalil
Karen Kennedy
Brian Kimmel
Jason Kopczak
Kevin & Kathleen Koski
Dave Kovacs
Steve Kozak
John Krause
Jane Lachey
Fred Leitert
Michael Lemporen
Amy Lower
Kimberly Licata
Cheryl Ludwig
Sara Martorana
Sarah Masek
Ron Massucci
Luther Mayle
Scott McClure
Carl MeElroy
Bruce Merrill
Ann Marie Mihoci
Trudy Mills
Jim & Vicki Moyer
Sally Murphy
Timothy Nugent

Nick Orlando
Mary & Dick Pepperney
Lynda Perry
Carol Weise Powers
Jeff Priestap
Hans Raidel
Douglas Reeves
Lori Riley
Bruce & Judith Robson

William & Georgia Farris Romanko
Omisha Sandella
Susan Schafle
Randy Searson
Jill Serpico

Sue Shadle
Barbara Smith
David & Kathy Speelman

Jeanette Spencer
George Stouffer
Danny Sullivan
Linda & Charles Tinney
Sharon Tsai
Gary & Linda VanBuren
Steve Varckette
David Varkett
Henry Wagner
Rick & Billie Jo Wagner
Pat Weston-Hall
Joe Whipple
Rick Wolfe
Lynn Zalewski

17 Ambassador Donors wish to be anonymous.

The list is updated throughout the campaign year.  While every effort has been made to insure accuracy, we sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions.  Please be aware that reporting delays from employers can affect the timely listing of donors.  Please contact us at 440.998.4141 with any corrections or questions.


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